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A fun little treat to watch, its like looking at some of the past earlier stuff from the old days of Cartoon Network. I am hoping you do more shorts with this guy!

This was worth the long wait.

I know a few people who worked on this one, I look forward to seeing the full thing(including your scene) in the final product.

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Perfectly suitable for a tavern.

I can dig this. It has a bit of a Wario Land vibe with a mixture of De Blob to it thrown in the mix.

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Honestly, if Lizardcube(Streets of Rage, Wonder boy) or even Wayforward handled the IP of Battletoads, we could've still had the queen in all of her sexy glory. I really cannot help but feel that both Microsoft AND Rare told the developer to tone down the queen. I've seen fan-art from many who redesigned the queen but not going overboard on her from what made her known in the first place.

I'm actually digging what I'm seeing here. I see the queen in her glory(sexiness and all) and she's ready to do evil things. Plus with an occasional evil(yet hammy) laugh of course.

Drawsputin responds:

Whatever office culture Lizardcube and WayForward have, more studios and companies need it. You can tell they have more creative freedom; especially with their female character designs.

Microsoft or Rare might be to blame, but sometimes terrible design decisions can be the fault of the directors or even the lead artists if they're super woke. Just look at what happened to the female designs in Mortal Kombat 11 or Last of Us Part 2 where women like Abby have literal male pecs because breasts are so "problematic."

Hopefully the Dark Queen can someday return to her former glory; even if it takes another 25 years.

Nope. It hasnt

Oh man. There's a LOT going on here. Miko is going to be in for it now with these gaming ladies. I do love how she's stuck in the middle between the three bustiest game girls(Rouge, Dark Queen, and Marina). She'll be truly 'playing with power' with all of these ladies who want to play with her.

I'm just a hobbyist artist. I do art on the side, I would like to do projects of my own with other talented artists out there.

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